Anker PowerCar :) Real or April Fools Prank!

Saw Anker site just now, shows up the new Anker PowerCar… this sounds exciting!

Link to event:

PowerCar specs:
Acceleration: 0-100 mph in 3.5 seconds
Top speed: 280mph
Range: 1,200 miles
2 seats

is this real or April 1st fools prank?


Of course real.
There is no joke, all is serious! :joy::joy::joy:


thats great, I have not seen this being discussed on Anker Forum here or may be I just missed it completely

Not April 1st here so I hope not.

Would love to see this happening although would take a lot to sway my desire from the Model X.

Even thought it’s an April’s fools joke, I wouldn’t mind Anker making an electric car ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Its April 1st already in Australia and other pacific areas already :smile:

its amazing if its true, already entered into the sign up for chance to win a PowerCar test drive

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Nooooo I don’t believe it.


Tony Stark is just his code name

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Only @AnkerOfficial can confirm and provide more details here, its Sunday today, hope to hear more tomorrow

Haha, this has to be an April fools joke! :joy:.

In the off chance it’s not, that would be cool! But too expensive for me lol

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@Chiquinho @cshenoy @k_pug2003 @TAcct2557

Check out this link. This is definitely a joke! Read the whole thing!

edit: I didn’t even realize you posted the link :joy:. I had a momentary lapse in sanity :joy: (may not be as momentary as a thought…)

Edit: follow this link to get me extra (fake) entries :joy:

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It is :scream::scream:

Lol I know but sometimes it’s nice to dream :tongue:

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This is definitely a April 1st prank… Got this email after I signed up. It tells to share more to have fun for April 1st

Who knows. Maybe it’s a real drawing for something else :man_shrugging:. Probably not

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The site link in my first post also shows Anker powerhouse… so may be it’s April Fools Prank with added Promotion for PowerHouse :thumbsup:

That 1,500 mile range is attractive :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe you swap out the batteries by purchasing extra PowerHouses to keep in the trunk - extend your range to 5,000 miles.

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Nice one! Well, it could become real one day. At least Anker already got the battery part down!

I’m actually kind of confused. Whatever. It will all play out eventually

Why confused, it’s an April Fools Day gag…

Could think of some others which would be well within Anker’s reach but most would dismiss…even though they are closer to arriving than you may think :wink:


The $50 discount for PowerHouse 200 finally brings it down to the $300 price it was announced as at CES 2018… :confused: