Anker powerbanks on external display

Does anker powerbanks charges macbook while the macbook is connecting to external display?
I have a anker 20100+ usb c and macbook 12. planning on connecting macbook to external display while using the powerbank. Thanks.

I don’t think anyone has tried, so give it a shot and report back here

I just tried it and it DID NOT charge my macbook 12. I used the usb c digital av multiport adapter from apple. i plugged the hdmi to external monitor and plugged the anker 20100+ powerbank in the usb c slot. The hdmi and the powerbank are plugged in the same time to my macbook.

Hi @Rodmarc_Roa,

Thank you for contacting us via the community to let us know your concern.

Generally, we only recommend charging the MacBook 12 laptop with the Anker PowerCore+20100 USB-C (Model: A1371) in the power-saving mode due to different charging technologies. The MacBook is capable of Power Delivery fast charging while the Anker PowerCore+20100 USB-C does not and it can only output 5V from the USB-C to charge the MacBook. It will not be stronger enough to charge it at a fast speed as its original OEM wall charger.

When the MacBook is connected to an external display, the power consumption speed will be much faster than the charging speed from the PowerCore+20100 USB-C device.

To charge the MacBook laptop at a better charging speed, we recommend you check our PowerCore Speed 20000 PD( for reference. It will charge faster than the PowerCore+20100 USB-C from the USB-C port.

Thanks for your support.

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