Anker powerbank 13,400 last led blinking


I purshased the Anker 13,400mah 2 days ago. The powerbank itself works perfectly. But when I charge it the last led blinks forever. When I take out the charger, and click on the button, I see all 10 led’s onn . When I charge my phone with the powerbank the first led turns off after 15 percent or so. Wich means its not fully charged. I need help.
Thank in advance.
(Sorry for my English. Im Dutch)


Hi @Amartje010,

When you power bank is fully charged, all LEDs turn off. I have noticed on my own power banks that the last percentage to reach a 100% full charge are significantly longer than the first ones.

I think you should try to leave your power bank to charge for a bit longer. Sometimes I forget to unplug a PowerCore in the evening, and in the morning, all leds are off, meaning that the power bank has reached a full charge.


Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate the fast anwser.

I already used an ipad adapter and a samsung fast charger. Also tried changing the cables. Normal if it has to charge up 1 led it only takes 30 minutes or so. I left it 1.5 to 2 hours just for the last one. Should I leave it overnight? Im scared Im going to damage my powerbank if I leave it so long.
Thanks again.

The power bank processor is built to stop the charge when fully charged, in order to avoid any damage. Maybe you can try to leave it for more than 2h for last LEd, if you are not confident leaving it overnight :wink:

I left it for 3.5 hours now and still the same. I think ill just return it

You can shoot an email at with your order ID. They will help you with that.

Hi @Amartje010,

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention via the community. And thanks a lot for the help from @Antoine_Turpin to provide the helpful information.

I regret to hear that you are having problems with your Anker PowerCore+13400 portable chargers. I give our sincere apologies for all the inconvenience caused. From what you’ve described, it seems the battery is indeed defective. It should be able to be fully recharged in 7-8 hours with a 5V/2A wall adapter and all the LED lights should turn off when it is fully charged.

Be assured that all of our products come with an 18-month warranty. Could you please email us at "" to apply for a warranty claim? We can either send you a new replacement or a refund as per your preference. Thanks.

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