ANKER Power Wave Stand doesnt work

I have just recieved the Anker A2524 . Plugged it in . Blue light is on. Place my new Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite on the stand and the blue LED flashes . I understand this means something about metal detected. But it wont charge in its vanilla case.

Hi @pete_rawlings,
This could mean that the stand is not receiving enough power. What type of wall charger do you have it plugged in to? You’ll want to use at least a 5V 2A charger, such as one of Anker’s wall chargers or an iPad charger.

I’m using wal socket USB. It has no info on volts or amps designation. If this needs a specific power supply that should have been clearly stated. So if this is the case I will return this. Thx for the help.

Is this the one you have?

It’s worth trying a different USB charger just to help determine if it is actually the issue.

Unfortunately, most wireless chargers don’t come with a wall outlet, so the manufacturers can keep the price low and competitive.

For example, Anker also sells a version of the PowerWave Stand with a wall charger included, but the higher price typically turns people off and leads them to purchase a wireless charger without the wall charger.

I bought a new Power Wave stand from Amazon (the exact model recommended above in the link) that includes the Anker wall charger and even though I am not using a case it still flashes blue.
iPhone 8 Plus

Did you try a different charging brick? Maybe the one you got is faulty

Solution found at Apple support. Software glitch easily repaired by soft reset of iPhone.