Anker Power User Program (US)

I just completed my lastedt product sample review, logged on this morning to see what might be available, and got the message “Sorry, no sample or deal product.” :confused: I read in another post from the U.K. that Anker has changed the power user program to email invitation only. Is that also try for the U.S.?

I believe I just found the answer from where another user asked a similar question. Invitation only, via email, correct?

My apologies for any redundancy. I’m just surprised that this is the new method. I’ve been a power user for years, and absolutely love Anker products! So I’m saddened, too, especially since my inbox gets bombarded with 2K+ emails per day: I am likely to miss these opportunities :cry:

I don’t know if this “new method” of invitation via email is valid or not. All I have noticed is that immediately after Anker’s website revamp and the introduction of Power Draw, I have seen zero activity in my Power User account page, with the same “Sorry, no sample or deal product.” message ever since.

Are other Power Users experiencing the same?

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Yes, everyone is.
@AnkerOfficial commented here:


Thanks for the info, Josh.

I have received nothing via any “email invites” (nor anything from the usual PowerUser page) since the Anker website re-launch so I’m wondering if existing PowerUsers also need to apply to this “email” program as well. I have contacted "" for any info regarding this and if one needs to apply for the email invites or if just being an existing PowerUser automatically qualifies you.

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Let us know what you here back!

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Let us know what you here back!
[/quote]I definitely will.

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Yes, I have only seen that the poweruser program is email only. I in fact am getting a product from them today from the power user program.

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I’m a power user tester myself and yes Anker US has done the same. It makes me kinda sad because I would always be on the lookout for new products on the power user page, but I guess this way they have more control so everyone they have gets something. I kinda wish it was back to the old way. There were items that I honestly couldn’t use that they would post. I guess not many people were interested in iphone and samsung cases that they probably already had, but those cables and such are HOT items that everyone uses. One item I really wish I could get my hands on is one of those heads up displays for my car or dash cams.