Anker Power Strip, 3 Outlets, 2 USB 2.0, 1 USB C PD

The clicking sound:

Yes I know I’m crazy but the button that turns this power strip on and off actually has its own audible clicking sound!! At first I thought the sound came from me physically pressing the button, but in fact, after plugging the power strip in, and turning it on and and off repeatedly, it does create some artificial click sound! Anyway it sounds good… you won’t know what I’m talking about unless you have one of these!

Build Quality:
Solid build quality and the cable length is perfect and built very sturdy with a beautiful braided cable!

3x LED indicator lights that aren’t too bright or disturbing which shows surge protection, power, and ground protection, 3x 3 prong outlets (standard US), 2x USB and 1X USB C PD

Daily Usage:
I mostly use the USB ports to charge my iPhone and my soundcore flare mini, I use the usb PD port to charge my wife’s pixel 4 XL, I find that everything charges wonderfully fast especially the PD USB C. When I’m not using it I simply press the Silver button, and guess what!? It makes the same audible sound when I turn it off too!

Set up:
I mounted this to the underside of my table for easy access facing my bed, for easy access and convenience!

I have nothing more to say, one day I’ll find use for the other 2 outlets but this product is amazing

Extra: oh the 2 main prong inputs on each outlet actually has some kind of internal plastic cover that opens up upon insert, I believe it’s for safety reasons, e.g if a kid accidentally sticks something metal inside… but I’m not entirely sure , but that is really cool!

Also there is a RESET button that you can easily access with a SIM card tool! It’s on the right side of the power strip, that’s why I mounted the left side to the underside of my table, FYI the back of the power strip is supported by the tables metal structure so it’s stable with just hot glue!

I love this product! Thank you so much @AnkerOfficial for the chance to review!

P.S this is my very first product review, I hope y’all enjoy reading ! :clap:


Great write up @Momo_Bobo
I so gutted Anker doesn’t sell PowerStrips here in the UK.


I’m sorry they don’t, it’s such a premium product!
I’m sure you would like it :frowning:& thank you for the feedback

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Great review of this product @Momo_Bobo!

@paulstevenewing I’m gutted about that as well. I’d happily switch my regular extension leads, out with Anker ones.


Same here mate :tired_face:


Thank you for the kind feedback!:ok_man:

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Good review, next time I need one I’ll go with Anker