Anker power port speed 2 output voltage

I am using anker power port speed 2 but its delaying charge as compared to my original charger of Samsung Galaxy tab s4… It took more then 3 hrs and not fully charged… When i checked voltage it is not giving 9v…max is 5v 1amp…whats wrong here

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I do not quite know enough about samsung anymore to say this is true of the tablets as well, but it looks like your issue is that you have an incompatible charger type. Samsung traditional uses a proprietary fast charge as opposed to what qualcomm uses in their quick charge 3.0. This would mean that your speeds are 5 volt 1 amp (standard speed), and then 9 volt 2 amps (adaptive fast charge / QC 2.0). Since your charger is a quick charge 3.0 device, I think its a compatibility issue, which I believe would default your charge speeds to the 5v1a issue you are seeing (you need a chip onboard that would allow the bump to 9 volts 2 amp). The usb PD output devices should be closer to what you are looking for.


Please check and make sure you have fast charging enabled. Otherwise it will revert to the standard slow charge and depending on it’s state when plugged in may or may not fully charge in the given 3 hours you mentioned.

Yup my tab shows fast charging but takes too much time but when i plug same cable on supplied charger it does charge quite fast

I think Samsung adaptive fast charge results in a showing on your device as fast charging even when the supply is 5v1a because the QC chip recognizes the device and tries to ping it, but cannot supply the actual fast charge value. You would need either a Samsung charge w/ adaptive fast charge, or a PD charger with USB-C to USB-C like the new Anker Atom charger (this would be a very nice upgrade for about the same price as a Samsung brand name charger)

When we’re talking charging speed/power, can so done tell me, if the stats in this pic any good?

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Can you offer anymore info possibly? (Charger type, age of device, etc.) Just a simple look at it for face value your battery looks solid (good condition, low operating temperature). On the charge side, your current has a large amp swing (assuming regular vs fast charge) which looks inline with most chargers outputs. I would say yea it looks fine.

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Hi, this is Anker Customer Support.

So sorry to hear that the PowerPort Speed 2 Wall Charger does not work properly for you. In this case, please contact us via email ( ) with your order receipt. We will try our best help.

Thanks for your time.

I don’t know much about the charger, other than it has 4 outputs and made by energiser (shhh! :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:)
The lead, as far as I know is a usb-a 2 (maybe a 3, but even with glasses was too small to read) to usb-c.

Thanks @Monk3e

It’s shared with fiancée charging her Moto G (via a 3 meter usb extension round the back of the sofa), and a spare micro for headphones, powerbank etc.

I would use my pd usb-c, but only 2 outputs, and the only usb-c/usb-c lead I have is a slow one. So for now, I’m using this! lol

I am in Pakistan… Do you have official dealers here

I have a galaxy S8, and even using the of usb-c, it won’t fast charge, due to having a slow lead.

However, when I use a usb-c/a lead in same charger it goes faster, as it’s a better lead.

This charger is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy tab s 4