Anker Power Delivery Chargers

Which one would you choose? (I don’t know how to do a poll :frowning2:)




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I’d go for number one as it’s got two ports on it!

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Depends on what you’re gonna be charging and whether standard USB is required.

I’m inclined to go for A. For and extra £7 you’ve got a spare fast charging port (if required) i’m sure it would get used.

I just can’t see the justification that the PD 1 is more than double the price of option B.

Its newer and smaller :grin: Always key elements when it comes to price…

Personally I would plump for A if you still have devices requiring standard USB charging…

It obviously depends on your needs.

I am in the UK and I need 6 ports, i have a tablet which take 18W PD, phone which can’t take more than 10W, two sets of headphones each need Type A and two Powercores for my use on trains and planes.

So these tiny few ports aren’t a fit for me. Most people will at a minimum have a phone and earbuds so you’re talking minimum 2 ports, add a Powercore and any other devices like tablets or laptop it quickly gets to a 4 port minimum.

The UK has a sturdier 3 fixed pins so it can handle a bigger heavier wall charger.

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I like the option A, agree that it is bigger in size but saving money on it and getting an extra usb :heart_eyes:

@Oggyboy you can make it a picture poll using the instructions show here.


I personally love the atom

Wasn’t this talked about only a week ago?

I don’t know? Was it?

Definitely A. If you need to charge a USB device then BAMMMMM! It’s right there!

Yes, it was by one of the newbies

Got a link or anything to back this up?
Not that it matters.

I actually own option A and definitely recommend it. Its a bit big but can fast charge my S10+ and S9+ at the same time. And it has foldable prongs

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When the usb c to lightning cable is in stock, I think I’ll get A with the cable :grin:

You made a good choice man

  • choice A
  • choice B
  • choice C

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This is how you make a poll. Enjoy!


Thank you @Anjou1888 That is really awesome of you, sharing some knowledge

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