Anker Power Core Select 10000 all 4 lights blinking.

Hi, I just purchased my first Anker product, Anker Power Core Select 10000, I took it out of the box, checked it and it was charging my phone, then I put powerbank on charging for a while.

Now when I took it off charging, all of its four lights are blinking and it’s not charging any devices.

What could be the issue, please help, its brand new so it is obviously in warranty.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank You.

“A while” is relative!
What charger did you use?
Some types of chargers need an eternity to charge.
You should try another charger.

@mnabeelr100 Try a reset of the device by looping the output to the input, then test the power level of the charger using the button. If charge level shows as low, make sure the PowerCore has had a full charge with a 5V/2A wall charger. Normal charge time to full should be around 5-6hrs.

If you are still having issues charging with the device after this reach out to with your serial and purchase date and they will be able to assist further if the PC is faulty.


Can you post a picture of your charger specs?

Try reaching out to the support team. They are very helpful.