Anker power core pd 10000 nock off

So while browsing amazon for anker power packs I stumbled upon this power pd 10000 (copy) looks very similar to the anker one priced half the price looks like a copy even the advertising probs fake amazon reviews too!

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The power bank has similarities but so does nearly every other power bank from different brands…hardly a complete knock off but just another brand with a similar design…

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Yeah but if you read the reviews look kinda fake

I. Don’t think it’s a nock off just another power bank other companies are allowed to make powerbanks and there are only so many styles colors and designs for them.

Just another knock off.

To be fair, the cells inside, like two 18650 or two 21700, force the overall shape to be very similar, you need a power in, power out socket and power / guage button.

There isn’t that much you can to do to look different. The difference is the design, build quality, customer service. None of which you can infer from a photo of the product.

Would agree on that one

As long as it doesnt say “ankeerr” i don’t think it would count as a knock off.

That’s seems like a very common thing nowadays. Item A looking like Item B. Major difference? PRICE! Well, at first…until you actually get the knock off in your hand and realize what a huge mistake you made buying something so much cheaper because of the build quality or functionality overall.

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say again.

The factory in China doesn’t make just Anker products. Plus form over new design is easier to use same style, but different components.

It’s the Anker components (and magic) thayakes the difference, and the extra price that’s worth it.

Yes sometimes it’s double.price, but it’s better than double quality.

Very true :+1:

Even Heinz make beans for other companies!