Anker Power Core + 26800 taking 40+ hours to charge with Anker Power Port 5

I have the Anker Power Core + 26800 and it’s taking over 40 hours to fully charge from nearly empty . I am using the Anker Power Port 5 Quick Charger and an Anker usb 3.0 to usb c cable . It’s NOT fast charging obviously . Does anyone know what the problem is ?

To fast charge that powerbank you will need a (power delivery or “PD” charger with a type c output) and a (type c to type c cable)

I recommend the PowerPort speed PD 5 or the newly released Atom PD 1


Yep. He’s right. The fast charging “stuff” is definitely worth the money’s especially when you get quality like anker

40 hours. I think its not just one problem here but probably 2 or 3 combined. I also am not clear what Powercore you got. Did you mean the 26800 PD ? Can you be precise exactly which 26800 you have, a product code off the base? In total, I think there have been about 6 or 7 26800.

This probably has a cable issue, it is the single most common problem, try different cable. Cables have oodles of places they can fail. Anker’s cables are excellent but can fail. I did a test a while ago and about 25% of my cables were bad but only 10% of Anker’s cables bad, so I only use Anker cables as a result, but 10% is not 0%.

I suspect what is happening is a combination of wrong charger and a bad cable.


To be specific :

This is my power bank:

This is my charger :

This is the cable :

The cable is brand new .
Before I bought the charger I had talked to anker customer support via fb messenger and asked whether the charger will fast charge the power bank and they said it would .

Everything I said my previous post was correct.

if Anker advised you to buy that wall charger and cable combination I would contact them.

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Well that is the wrong combination, your Powercore is PD, your Powerport is QC.

But even then those two charging types should still agree on 5V 2A so should charge in about 8 hours, not 40.
So I think it is both wrong combination and a bad cable.

So go for a refund.

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The problem is even with QC your still going from usb-a to USB-C. The battery pack requires power delivery to fast charge, so using a QC charger will revert it to the lowest power output because the batterypack cannot negotiate the QC standard. As mentioned you need a power delivery wall plug

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QC will only work at the QC power output if the handshake is properly negotiated between the two devices, otherwise it goes to the lower power output. Similar to trying to use Samsung’s adaptive charger to charge a power pack, it can’t negotiate the high output so it goes to the lower threshold. Even power IQ which is 1.0 can only charge at lower power… Now if it was IQ 2.0 then that’s a different story

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