Anker Power Cord C5 and C7 for a Traveler

Hi guys,

what do you think about an Anker power cord with two C7 or C5 connector, male and female? the purpose of two c7 or c5 connector is:

  • From c7/c5 female side you will attach the country plug needed, that have the c7/c5 male connector.
  • From c7/c5 male side you can connect to all HP,Dell and also Anker Desktop Power Supplier.

this can be helpful for this reason:

  • I can put on backpack less power cord cable and no adapter needed. (i can also select only the Adatper that i really need)
  • Can be beautiful to choose my power cord to Powercore PD 4 i.e., in accordingly with the color of USB cable,