Anker power bank is still on, doesn't shut off

I bought 3 Anker power bank 16000 MAH. I charged it and charged my phone with it but when I removed it from my phone, the lights are still on to never shuts off until it’s used up. There were times I’m charging and it seems the power bank bank is the one charging from my phone. It drains my phone.

contact anker support there very good and quick at helping people
if they cant fix it they can replace under warranty

Really weird issue.
Try charging an another device with that pb and tell us if the same is happening.

If you put the cable in the powerbank (PB) I to the OUTPUT slots, it will not drain the device being charged. It’s a one way street… Output.

Only if you put a cable in the INPUT on the PV, will it drain your phone/device. I wasn’t aware of any phones that had reverse charge… IE can charge from the phone as a PB.

As for the lights staying on, it could be, the check button is stuck. Try to give it a wiggle/press gently a couple times (obvs wait in-between for 10 seconds to allow for the lights to go out).

If it’s still staying on, contact IF the pb is less than 18 since purchase from an authorized dealer, they MAY consider a replacement.

In the email state…
Where purchased
Order number
Serial number (either on the pb or on the box it came in).


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This is interesting, have you tried charging other devices than your phone? Give it a try and let us know here on this thread.

Also reach out to Anker Support , they do thier best to respond soon. You can expect response on Monday (today / tomorrow being weekends)