Anker Powecore 10050 shows charging lights but doesn’t hold charge

When plugged in the battery shows the circular lights lighting up, but does not show progression, and if taken off only indicates on light. Have tried seperate cables and chargers and was wondering if this issue had occurred before.

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How long have you left it to charge? Also what is the rated output of the charging brick you ate using? Is the powercore is charging the lights will light in a circle and continue to do so until the unit is fully charged.

Hi @James_Irvine , to help troubleshoot your issue make sure your using a charger that supports 5V/2A output (such as a Samsung, Apple or Anker USB wall charger), try a separate/different cable as this is often the cause of most faults and allow the PowerCore at least 4-5hrs to recharge. A full recharge should be indicated by the LED’s going off.

If these steps fail to resolve, you could have a fault with the PowerCore, in which case you would be best reaching out to with your serial, fault and troubleshooting steps taken to get further assistance under your 18 month warranty.