Anker pouches

I’ve been wondering if there’s anywhere to buy Anker pouches for either the portable chargers or cables. I lost my small cloth black pouch for my PowerCore mini by accident & didn’t notice until I got home. So I would love to be able to get a replacement.

And if not then do you think they should sell them?

I think so, especially since the regular Anker cables don’t come with that adjustable pouch that the Powerline+ cables do. So it would be nice to be able to get those either to replace one or to have it for another cable since they come in so handy.


Being able to buy the pouches would be useful, but I’d like to see a rubberised surface option, with no need then for the pouch.

I think that would be nice to sell them, or just offer one with every purchase. Maybe they should offer one extra, like a lower quality one, in case the first one gets ruined or lost.

Contact Anker Support or Sales. I bet they’d have an option for you.

This is a pretty old topic, but my dogs just got ahold of the black, mesh pouch for my PowerCore II 10000. I didn’t realize how useful that pouch was until it was gone. Is it possible to order a replacement, @AnkerOfficial & @AnkerTechnical?

I found them on AliExpress without the Anker logo tag on them.