Anker! Please remove Facebook requirement from "We love testing" events

Thanks for listening and more importantly “acting” on this issue. :clap:
@AnkerOfficial Please take note of community’s wish for removal of Facebook requirement for “We love testing” events.

Should Facebook be required to enter “We love testing” events?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Undecided

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I definitely don’t think it should be a requirement. I know @fhassm is with me :joy:

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What Anker is looking for is your social following. I did notice you could add other social media platforms after you’ve applied but they would love you to post your reviews and findings where it could be seen and shared by as many people as possible. Even though it also states, posting on Facebook is not mandatory.

Maybe it should just ask you to link your primary social network or main publishing platform. How else can they tell if your reviews will be seen and is their investment in you worth it!!


I dont use such social media.
And I never will.
If ANKER forces me to do so, for writing reviews I will give up this.

I was usually writing reviews at and
I think those reviews are as valuable as those at some social media.


I understand Franz. But, see it from Anker’s point of view. I obviously don’t speak for them but this is how I view it.

They want people to see our reviews and influence sales where possible. Get good vibes out there. I agree Amazon was a good place to be but loads of reviews get culled for not being varicose purchases etc.

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I know, but I can still write those.
Those issues with Amazon are old ones.
Some got banned others not.

I was banned some time ago, but now they “leave me alone” :grin:

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They know you are a good guy :grin:

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I dont know why they know this, even I dont know this! :joy:


I know…

I don’t think FB should be required for entry, of course. I have been on FB since the beginning (By which I mean I was one of the first million on the platform) and I would like to keep it to that initial circle of friends, and therefore try not to connect to more than that limited number of people.

Maybe we should create accounts for reviews and things and limit the personal info we input.


LOL :sweat_smile::laughing:

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Not true. Testing says mandatory, cannot move forward without login to FB.

If they want your following, they are forcing fake FB accounts to not have it bleed into everything. Waste of time.

I thought I had read it but you don’t NEED to connect your Facebook. It says you can connect an email instead at the bottom. Though I would imagine this would limit your acceptance

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Try it without ever logging to FB. It doesn’t let you.


you cannot get past this page without FB. Please note that *Required.


Thank you for making this thread and voicing this inconvenience. I hope Anker makes the FB account a requirement anymore. I tried entering the last “We love testing” event and since I didn’t have a FB I couldn’t enter. I understand they want as many people possible to see our reviews but there are other if communities where we can post our reviews other than FB.
Anyway, let’s hope that stops being a requirement on future events


Haha yes. People speaking who did t even try to go through without Facebook :joy::joy:

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they want kendall jenners who have millions of sheep following them and copying what they do. Its called creating your own reality. An influencers job is basically promoting how great their life is because of these products. Watch a fyre festival fraud documentary (hulu one is best) to see the impact of getting a bunch of influencers to promote your product, (even if it doesn’t exist…)
the monetary impact is real, i get it

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Thanks @kumar.sachin for organizing this post and show the disappointment of linking your social network to take part in the surveys. Hope Anker listen to us and change their method of future “we Love Testing” contests. :thumbsup:

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Some issue with my last post, getting below error…

This will be a “Zuckerbergxit” :joy: