Anker, please make a amazon Alexa enabled smart blinds controller

I’ve been searching for a alexa enabled blinds controller and have not found one that is adequate to my liking. Would be a great eufy product to make and with ankers battery life or even solar powered. I figure I would need to charge the blinds motor as often or even at all. Most products I’ve found are controlled by app, but I’m looking for Alexa enabled since the rest of my home is Alexa enabled @AnkerOfficial


Interesting, never thought of a product like this but I can see how it will be very useful.

you can simply do it with a sonoff dual, with a modded firmware.

I use tasmota in this case the roller shutter version, and I can control my blind with siri, but you need to configure an hub like a raspberry with running domoticz.

I use siri, but there is the plugin for control it with Alexa :wink:

Nice…but I prefer a quick retrofit for my blinds and also for it to either charge itself by solar or have a built in battery so I won’t have to plug in the device to make it work. Trying to have less wires hanging the blinds especially to wall socket. I’ve seen what others have done on YouTube. But I want it to be a “users for dummies” type of install :wink:. Thanks for the suggestion. I am much obliged

I wonder how many of you would like to see Eufy making an Alexa enabled smart blinds controller?

Of course, I have delivered this message to the Eufy team. :grin:

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Once we move, this would be on our list of things to get. My wife hates when she’s trying to sleep in on the weekends and the sun comes shinning through the window into her face.

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One more vote.

This seems like an easy win for you guys. While there are a couple products available (like Ikeas new line of automated blinds) most people wouldn’t want to redo their entire house with new blinds to add automation.

There are a couple retrofit products available, but they are prohibitively expensive (even more expensive than the Ikea solution which is a complete window covering!)

Creating a solar powered, alexa/assistant/homekit enabled blind kit that could retro fit existing window coverings would be huge, and it seems like it would be an easy product for Anker/Eufy to add to their lineup, piggybacking on existing tech.

Consider - how many blinds are in one house?? Forget buying a single smart speaker, I would probably a dozen of these if not more! Making it as low cost as possible would mean huge volume.

Please do it!!!