Anker Playing Cards ~ $1 (free shipping starts at $35)

$1 on sale today. Free shipping starts at $35. Who knew Anker made playing cards???

NOTE: Obviously it’s a different company named Anker.


That’s a neat design for a PowerCore.

I was sure that the first reply would be along the lines of, “No USB-C? No Thanks!”

I bet $1 to myself, and I lost.

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Haha, good one :+1:t2:

Lol pretty cool

May be playing these cards will “Charge” us up :smiley: … Wireless Charging :rofl: while holding the cards


Anker too had this promotion for $1

Cool, something I have more chance of winning with than Powerdraw.

Nice. I just ordered 35 decks.

We can meet here!


Or here

Meanwhile I am the lead guitarist! :rofl:
It’s an old photo you found!

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