Anker photo edit?

So recently I talked about the new travel pouch for the Anker powerline+ II and finally was going to jump on one since I want to have another nice long lightning cable. I quickly jumped on amazon and was scrolling through the pictures for it and saw something that confused me. The last picture that they advertised was this one

Is this possible or is it photo edited. Because I can’t mentally process how the two zippers can be together in the middle like I pointed out with the red arrow and yet have openings on both ends for the cables to come out like I pointed out with the yellow arrows. This means it’s one of three things.
1.) I am missing something about the design of the case when mentally picturing it
2.) it is edited and doesn’t actually work like this
3.) I’m just so mentally tired after a long day and it’s obvious that it does work this way and I’m just not thinking right.

It would well be answer three but I’m hoping someone will help me out here

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No the case works with both zippers. I have two sites of cables that came with that case. It works great and works like a bag with double zippers.

Still can’t picture in my head because the two zippers are together in the middle so in don’t understand where the wholes for the cables to come out are coming from or maybe that’s just me

@ktkundy If you look very closely, the 2 zippers are actually all the way to the back of the case…meaning it’s fully open. They just rolled the cable up and left the 2 ends facing out.

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Oh see that makes more sense I had them on the front and could not figure out how that worked for the life of me thank you so much

Looking at the photo and orientation of the Anker embossed logo I would say it’s a manipulated picture of a unreleased case (cases normally only have a single zip), designed for effect of how you could use (bulk of cable inside for storage) rather than normal usage…it looks like they have taken the zips off the teeth, as the gap between the two zips is too narrow for the normal folding spine of the case…


Looks normal to me. You open it up so both zips are on one side. Put the rolled up cable in and have one end sticking out. Then you move the zips to the middle and pop out the end of the cable on the other side. It’s a built in cable tidy. I used to use mine like that to save pulling out a long cable


That’s what I thought but then thought I was going crazy