Anker Phone Lens like Moment Lenses?

Hi there,

Will there be a product from Anker soon that is like Moment lenses which attaches to the phone case which reduces the chance of not being centred and distorted? I would like to see Anker making one even if its for the iPhone as I have an iPhone 6 and the S7 Edge. Would be great to see if Anker would be doing this although I do understand that Anker does not specialise in Lens products. What are your thoughts on this people? Do you think it’s a good idea? I know there a few of you that like Phone Photography.


I will love too try this out it sounds so awesome :joy:

Another thing for the big solar eclipse coming up is a lens for your phone so you can record the eclipse without damaging your camera.

Mini Screw on filters for the lenses would be cool

Hahaha, thank you for your kind suggestion! Maybe it will happen in the future.:hugging:

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