Anker Pencil

I have seen some mentions of this but correct me if I’m wrong about this not being posted yet. I do not own an Apple Pencil, the stylus, and I don’t think it is that great, or worth the money. If Anker made a smart stylus, how would you like it to be? Is there anything specific that you would want for those of you who use stylus’s?


I gotta be honest, this isn’t a good idea, and here’s why:

Apple locks down their software to make the Apple Pencil proprietary. Sure, Anker could make a generic stylus, but I honestly don’t think it will be any better than that. There are a TON of generic styluses out there, and I don’t see how Anker could make it any better.

As per the proprietary lockdown, no stylus can ever be more precise than the Apple Pencil.


Ok. That makes sense. Thanks!

I agree. You really need to make the product that goes with the stylus as well if you want to make it very useful, unless you want to get into writing lots of software, which I don’t think Anker should do.

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@Drumrocker365 pretty much covered everything I would have said. I really doubt they could improve on the hundreds of generic stylus already out there.


The Apple Pencil hardware and software isn’t licensable nor is it available. That is not physically possible for ANker right now

Great point! It might even be better, but Apple would never open it up to their stuff to have as full of potential as it could be and as their Apple Pencil has the potential to be.

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