Anker partnered with Brookstone

This morning, I woke up to an email from Brookstone. They were introducing the All New Brookstone Makers Showcase. And guess what brand I saw on their list of partners? Anker. I had to do a double take. Go Anker!!! Here is more information on it. What do you guys think? I think it’s awesome that we are seeing more Anker products out there in stores.|042118-11|1|makers&dtm_em=A6B3D2A67B983608454D34B8143F5632&tp=i-H43-BV-18Y-Kf4fN-1o-40PB-1c-KeISD-kPrPE&smtrcid=954873&om_rid=i-H43-BV-18Y-Kf4fN-1o-40PB-1c-KeISD-kPrPE&om_mid=4374


Never heard of Brookstone before :blush: but it’s great to see Anker expanding further all the time. Go Anker indeed :grin:


They’ve got the new SoundCore Space headphones on there. Available for $99 in May


Woohoo, way to go anker. Brookstone is a great store, AL be it a bit pricey at times. Great none the less they will be selling anker products

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too bad they shut down the one at the mall i go to but it would’ve been great to just show up and purchase some from an actual store instead of waiting days for the mail guy to show up

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Didn’t even notice that you caught it before I did… Nice!

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Very cool, Anker! Congrats!

Starting to slow a bit @joshuad11 ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My sincere apologies to everyone in the Community I disserviced.

this is dope, i wonder how good the noise cancelling will be

I remember Brookstone from a few airports I laid over in the US, it’s a cool tech retailer!

@joshuad11, we expected more from a Level 14… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good catch . Looking forward to more products from anker st my local brookstone

Hah didn’t realize that Brookstone stores are only available in US.

For those who are not familiar with Brookstone, they are a tech/gifts/gadgets store, and we’ve recently made a deal with them to carry and showcase our Nebula Capsule in their stores :grin:


The Nebula Capsule is now at Brookstone. I have to admit, from all the projectors that Brookstone carries, I’d have to say the Nebula is the most attractive one. Check it out.|042718-11|1|makers&dtm_em=A6B3D2A67B983608454D34B8143F5632&tp=i-H43-BV-19V-L5Q0K-1o-40PB-1c-L4RhI-1WwErM&smtrcid=954873&om_rid=i-H43-BV-19V-L5Q0K-1o-40PB-1c-L4RhI-1WwErM&om_mid=4433