Anker Packaging (all products)

The simple elegance of Anker Packaging:
Anker packages are as beutiful as the products themselves. Simple elegant designs.

It’s really just a copy of Amazon frustration-free packaging. 90% of 3rd party tech accessory retailers on Amazon use this type of packaging as it’s so cheap.

I disagree. Yes, it’s frustration free, but it’s elegant (unlike amazon packaging).

It’s sure better than those old blister packs!

As long as it’s less packaging waste and from reusable material and again recyclable ;p

It’s nice that you can easily recycle the packaging too

It’s absolutely terrible. They spend way too much money on their packaging alone. It is very nice, but does anyone really keep the boxes/care about them? I know that I don’t really.

true, true, true.

I love that this forum is so positive! Very few instances of abuse/inappropriate use, which is definitely a very good thing.

I think the packaging is very eloquent.

It is nice, indeed!

I don’t keep the packaging however it is really nice when a product that you’ve purchased comes in nice packaging as opposed to tossed in a cardboard box after being shrink wrapped

Yeah once you receive an item in a plain cardboard box, you start to notice the products defects immediately. The nicer the package is, the more careful you are in not trying to scratch the paint.

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