Anker outdoor line or brand of products?

I have seen a lot of posts about having more rugged batteries or solar batteries or just more outdoorsy items. So do you think that Anker should make an outdoor brand of items that are more rugged and are meant more for trips?


Most all of their products are already usable in the outdoors. I’m not sure that a dedicated line is required. I’ve yet to see a product from Anker that I would be afraid to take camping, hiking, etc.

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Yes I do get that. I am talking in terms of making them more rugged, as some other users have asked. Some people do believe that their products are already tough so this would not be for them.

Yes, I think that’d be dope! It could be something like PowerCore O for PowerCore Outdoor or PowerCore R for PowerCore Rugged.

Outdoors and rugged are in opposition. Check any outdoors site and you’ll see a focus on weight and volume both made worse by ruggedness or waterproofing.

Someone keen on outdoors would prefer a mobile with a replaceable battery and carry a spare as that is the lightest and smallest method.

Yes sorry I was trying to talk about more durable items that can be scratched up and dented without being actually harmed. I do understand that outdoors people would want light objects.


Well dents and scratches has nothing to do with outdoors, it can happen in office, home, indoors. So really you simply mean ruggedized. Personally I’d never buy it as rugged is just weight for a theoretical problem I’d rather carry a spare battery and place on on left one on right so a fall doesnt damage both.

If I’m heading into a physically hostile environment I’ve got a spare mobile in a waterproof bag wrapped in clothes in another waterproof bag, extremely difficult to then be out of action and that method weighs relatively nil and would be tougher than anything Anker could make. I usually in a hostile environment have my oldest less-worried-if-smallest mobile in my hand or easy access and the brand-new-would-cry-if-broke mobile cuddled deep in padding. I have for example a 4 year old Nexus 4 for that purpose still.

I speak with experience, I bought a rugged portable USB battery and its never left the house it was unboxed as its weight and volume I’d prefer to do without and I doubt it would survive that much of a drop, and I once bought a rugged mobile and its just a burden to hold. Just try holding rugged stuff vs non-rugged stuff in each hand.

I think Anker has hit the sweetspot of build quality for weight/volume.

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A rugged item is the Car Jump Starter…
I like it.

Yes I think that was what I meant.

I would like to see them expand into outdoor products, but not just for batteries… CAMERAS!