Anker: Out Friggin' standing durability!

I seem to have put my PowerCore 20100 through the wringer. This thing has fell out of my backpack time and time again, roughly 3-4 ft. From the ground. Still works. Then, the thing fell down hardwood stairs because my cousin got a hold of it. ~30-40ft down. STILL GOING. UNBELIEVABLE. I will never stray from anker. Not in my life.especially because my PowerPort 2 has also been dropped many times,too.

Hi @Jerry_Piazza, thanks for sharing your story!
I agree with you: just this past weekend, I left a friend borrow my PowerCore and he accidentally dropped it onto the concrete. It got a little scuffed up, but it’s still ticking!

Same goes for their cables. If a super hero needed a portable charger, I’m sure Anker would be the go to.

Yep very robust. I’ve dropped mine a load of times. I just hope the new designs are just as robust. I have had bad experience in the past with power packs spitting along the seam when dropped (ZeroLemon. More like 100% lemon).