Anker OTG TypeC-USB [Small Review]

I’ve Just received a anker OTG adapter with a male type c and a female USB. As usual anker products costs a Little more than the other products, but, as usual , they’re the best. It’s a simple OTG adapter, but it’s solid and doesn’t affect the data transfer Speed. I’ve tryied It on a Huawei p10 and on a Asus rog laptop with anche external SSD, and it worked very fine. (Sorry for my bad english)



No worries, we are open mind!:heart:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this product. Could you please update some photos in your thread?It will bring us a more intuitive understanding of this product.:hugging:


Pics please :slight_smile:

Yes, I’d love to see pictures with your review! Thank you for sharing your opinion though!

I’ve uploaded the pics :grin: