Anker or Apple?

Anker cables or Anker cables?


Anker cables will last you a lot longer…and they are Apple certified so you don’t get any errors when using them.

Apple leads are probably the worst you can get…they wear out in no time.


Our cable is very durable, I use one of our lighting cable over 2 years without damage!:sunglasses:


Anker everytime. You can get bigger and better cables from
Anker for less money and they are far superior in quality, durability and design.


Anker products are second to none. Backed up with a no hoops return, exchange policy. Peace of mind and reliable products… Tell your friends

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More ranges and really good durability on Ankers. Anker should become Apples supplier for lightning cables :wink:


I have a 3m powerline ii+ and it works batter than the 1m original iPhone cable

I’ll tell you Anker for the price, but it’s not only the price, you’ll have a much better quality and durable cable!

Apple accessories are too expensive, they doesn’t worth (with some exception) the money you’ll pay.

Apple’s cables are fine…for a limited time period, after which they may start yellowing where they are frequently touched (near the cable ends), then may possibly start disintegrating (the outer cable jacket).


“In 2009, Greenpeace successfully lobbied Apple to remove PVC from their cables with their “Green My Apple” campaign.We don’t know exactly what rubber/plastic compound Apple cables are made from today, but it is more porous than PVC, and tends to absorb the oils from your skin over time, which causes the yellow color. It also disintegrates a lot sooner than PVC.Other cable manufacturers use PVC, TPE, or nylon, which does not have this problem, and can usually be cleaned with soapy water.”

I’ve personally experienced the above with nearly all my Apple charge/sync cables (both Lightning and 30-pin) including the power cable (MagSafe) on a MacBook Pro power supply.

Quite a few pics of yellowed Apple cables here:

Note that the topic linked to above alludes to heat possibly being the issue but in my experience, the issue is Apple’s cable material and it’s porosity and structure due to the absence of PVC. PVC creates the slick coating which seals out moisture, skin oils and dirt. Apple’s cables (due to the lack of PCV) absorb skin oils where the cable is frequently touched or held, starts yellowing, then will eventually disintegrate/split at the yellowed section of the cable due to the cable’s outer jacket being weakened.

Google “why do apple cables turn yellow” for a ton of info regarding this issue with Apple’s cables.

Stick with Anker Cables and you’ll have cables that will last much longer, not turn yellow and not disintegrate.:thumbsup:


Mobile from Apple but all chargers and cables Anker for sure!

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I feel like you’re steering me towards one in particular… :wink:


Anker or Anker? Well, I’ll take Anker. :stuck_out_tongue: As far as if I’d choose Anker or Apple cables? Anker all the way. Why? Well, here’s the pros and cons for each…

Anker Pros :

  1. much cheaper
  2. more variety (color, length, etc.)
  3. awesome customer service and warranty
  4. you can find deals most of the time, depending on what kind (Powerline, Powerline+, Powerline+ II, etc)

Apple Pros :

  1. it’s an original Apple cable
  2. awesome customer service
  3. you can find a local store to swap it out if needed (warranty)

Anker Cons :

  1. not an original Apple cable :stuck_out_tongue:

Apple Cons :

  1. pricey
  2. only comes in white
  3. not as durable

And there you have it, the pros and cons Anker and Apple cables. :slight_smile:


Is it a serious question?
I mean Anker cables are always better. There is no point for discussion. I mean in the beginning it is fine to use them because they are in the boxes. But when you need a replacement Anker leads should be your choice.

Anker all the way. Apple cables are trash :thumbsdown::thumbsdown::skull_crossbones:

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Anker

Apple cables fall apart in like one month. :angry::angry: Stay away from Apple :weary::weary:

Not being an apple fanboy, quite the opposite TBH.

I think apple accessories are built DOWN to a cost, then sold at maximum price for maximum profit.

Where as Anker, is built at a set cost n sold as cheap as they possibly can, whilst still making a profit (no one denies people making money, it’s when they take the piss, people get upset)

Plus, the other reason to buy anker, is quality over apple

The final reason to buy anker… Well it ain’t apple!

Kids have gone through the original Apple cable in less than three months, a replacement MFI cable lasted a further month. Both now have the PowerLine II cable and it’s been going strong with no sign of wear after six months and at a fraction of the price.

I don’t even use the Apple cables anymore. I leave them in the box and give them to the buyer of my device when I sell it on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I used to do that with the charger, xable, and headphones.

Only time I keep the charger n lead is when it’s better/faster than old ones.

This is first time I used the headphones, cos with the Sam S8, you get AKGs this time and they’re brilliant. Amongst other factors, the headphones helped seal the deal this time. Usually they’re shit and can be bought for under £20 from the handsets accessories page.

If find selling g a 2 year old handset with that lot unused raises the price too, esp if got box. I even show the receipt to show it’s a genuine phone… But I keep that. Only twice over the years I gave the receipt was back when it first became 2 year guarantee and I was getting a new phone every year… So the receipt gaventh a years warranty… Again worth a few more quid!

My kids went through Apple cables in 3 months, a ‘super market’ cable in 1 week. They both have Anker powerline cables and are 1 year in with no visible damage. Very impressed and a fraction of the cost.

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Anker cables are good and durable, you should try it!