Anker Optical Mouse program buttons

Hi there,
I recently purchased the anker wired optical mouse. I would like to program the back and forward buttons, wheel actions. However, am having trouble to do that on windows 10 via control panel as it has just a few general settings, such as setting a primary button or Roll the mouse wheel to scroll multiple or single lines. I am not able to see the back forward buttons or how to map them to other keyboard functions such as page up and page down.

I am guessing that I will need a mouse specific driver to program these buttons. Please advise, thanks


Hi @azam.kenan,
Would you please check this link to see if there are drivers available for your particular mouse?

If you’re not able to locate a driver, please reach out to and one of the technicians can look into this more for you! Thanks!


Hi there,

I have the exactly same problem as @azam.kenan, and the link provided hadn’t Help. I have a 200DPI Gaming mouse in which I could change back and forward buttons to play/paune and next music with its own driver. Now I bought an Ergonomic optical mouse and would like to do the same, but it doesn’t have its own driver…is there another way to do it?

You can try these two programs X-Mouse Button Control or Mouse Manager both will allow customization of your mouse

Is there a programme for MAC computers as well? Thx!

Recently I’ve tried an Anker vertical mouse. I am also interested in having an Anker driver or software that would allow me to program the mouse buttons for use in AutoCAD.

Did you have any luck with this, I’m also looking to program the buttons for autocad and alpha cam.