Anker Onboard event Thursday 6.30pm EDT

Don’t have a link you can simply click on yet, so may have to go to their Facebutt page at that time.

I know of 3 new Soundcore products, and Nebula, AnkerMake, Eufy. If they announce something then we can talk about them.


Here is the link to it on YouTube.

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Can’t wait to see what’s coming!

Thanks, linked shared in other places, wasn’t clear what platform they were going to use.

“Anker Onboard” event 4 years ago.

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Strange to have a big announcement with no official post here, and no follow-up with the details the next day. The soundcore forum has nothing official either, and most of the announcements seem to have been soundcore related. Eufy does have official posts, so I guess that is a different team that is still in place.

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The event was leaking like a fish just look at Instagram and Reddit.

But no official anything prior apart from a hint at FB

Saw your post on Reddit just kow

Theory: as these are not shipping products apart from the Sleep A10 they didn’t want consumer interested now as peak would wane.

The L4 shipping now from their site and later from Amazon.