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Browsing the “new items” on Costco’s website and I noticed something eerily familiar! Congrats to @AnkerOfficial for making the cut and getting into Costco!

Costco - Anker 26800 bundle $109.99

Amazon - Anker 26800 bundle $129.99


Glad my favorite brand made it into my favorite store. Congratulations @AnkerOfficial​:clap::clap::clap:


Wow! Now Costco DOES have everything :stuck_out_tongue: My hubby and I love love love, did I mention, Love? Costco? Believe it or not, that’s how we met… both looking at cameras. :wink: I’m so happy that Anker has made it to Costco. Looking forward to seeing more Anker products at Costco and other retail stores. It alway brings a smile to my face when I see an Anker product while out shopping. Congrats @AnkerOfficial and thanks for spreading the Anker Love around thru different retailers. :slight_smile:

You and me both! I love Costco! If it’s not at Costco, it’s not worth buying (except most of Anker products)!

@Nhi What a cool story that you met your husband there! Would love to hear that story!

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This is great news that you can buy Anker stuff at Costco :slight_smile:
I just hope that Costco has enough Anker items in their inventory or Anker has figured out the supply chain issues they had with Walmart.

Whenever I have gone to Walmart, 8 out 10 Anker shelves/hanging racks are always empty with no items in the inventory. Even the ones in stock are barely there(1-2 pieces) with no idea of when it will be restocked. It is the same story even if walmart store associate checks other nearby walmart stores for availability of items.


Congrats, Anker, for making it into Costco! I should renew my membership… :wink:

With all that said costco is my favorite too. :slight_smile:

Glad to see more stores start to carry Anker products, let’s keep it going and get it into every box chain and retail store. The more people know about this company the better

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Another big retailer down! We’re taking over the world!

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