Anker nylon vs PowerLine

is there a real difference between the quality of these 2?

one says it can tolerate 4000 bends. the other says 10,000 bends

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ones braided the other ones not.
one of them has assorted lengths the other is 6ft


Definitely a big difference. They are both of pristine quality. I would recommend whichever your budget permits!

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i have the Nylon Braided Lightening cable from Anker, used it for 2 years, and still operational, retains its appearance. not using it now though

I have both types of lightning cables and quality appears to be almost identical, except 1 is braided and the other is quality rubberized plastic. I’ve had them for awhile now and both still works.

Go for the one that says 10,000 but I can assure you whichever you choose, you will get a quality cable

The nylon braided version is older.

You may want to take a look at PowerLine+, which is Anker’s most durable Micro USB cable.

I prefer the powerline II to the +

I find that overtime, even though the cable may be functioning fine, braided cables trap dirt and get “pressure points” where the shifting braids produce a kink.

Both cables also come with the lifetime warranty though so you’ll have that peace of mind.

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I got nylon braided, red ones.
As I usually care about my cables much, there is no issue since a year,
and I suppose there will be no in the future. They look like new.

Nylon are nice :alien: I like them way better then regular cables

I have bought anker power line in the past they are good but they are chunky cables and braided i would not recommend power line yes they last long but wernt good for me