Anker needs to step it up

Anker came out with the power port Atom which uses Gallium Nitride to help make it smaller, they were the first. But now since they are not even on the market yet, other companies have come out with their. Specifically RavPower while they went a different route and went for the slim factor, you can actually buy there’s right now, where we are still waiting for the Atom to be released


Not gonna lie that RavPower one is incredibly nice looking!
Price wise the Anker one is definitely the more affordable option when it does finally arrive. I wonder if the $51.99 price on the RavPower one will be off putting knowing how much the Anker one is gonna cost. :thinking:


There’s also outputs more power…

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Forgot to mention that! :see_no_evil:

I was looking forward to picking up an Atom, too. I know they’ve said on twitter that it’s delayed until sometime next year, and it feels like they were just teasing the Atom–like a movie that’s not coming out for another year.

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I too like the slim form of RavPower although atom is more like 5W iphone charger (really tiny)

Wholeheartedly agree. Anker is glacial slow in innovation. I suspect part of the problem is they are trying to do too many things at once so no focus. I also think their good warranty customer service makes them play safer. Both those are good from breadth and support, but bad for its delay. They have been announcing products months in advance of shipping.

These more powerful wall chargers will suffer from weight problems in older worn sockets and so a wall flush method will be more reliable.


How many products from CES earlier this year are still to be released?

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Far too many sadly :cry:

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Will see what they come out with next but like nigelhealy said it does feel like Anker is doing too many things at once.

I wouldn’t say they are slow in innovation per se but yes they are slower than others bringing the ‘innovated product’ to the purchasing stage.

As for the Atom, who really knows what is causing the delay (unless @AnkerOfficial has some words of wisdom they would like to share :wink:)…as they have already shown off the item there must be something fundamental in the background (either legal or the such) which is causing such a delay :thinking:

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We truly appreciate that you have so much faith in Anker products, and we will sure that we won’t let you down. Yes, this PowerPort Atom has been delayed and will be released in Jan 2019. The Product Develop Team is working on optimizing and finalizing a better version of the product. Hope you guys can understand. :blush:


Thanks for the update, Anker! I would rather see Anker get it right rather than rush it to market too soon! :wink:

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Well said!

@AnkerOfficial, there’s a reason we’re all still sticking around. We love the Anker products and brand, we trust the quality. You can’t rush perfection! Keep it up!


I’d be more forgiving if delays like this were occurring on a very infrequent basis, but it seems like almost every significant product has been missing its advertised launch timeframe. That’s the real problem. Not that it’s happening, but that it’s happening way too often. What makes matters worse is that official updates providing consumers with a check on the progress are very seldom and the one person who started doing them is no longer with the company.

Working on a post now further explaining my concern.


By RavPower do you mean this?

Because I had a coupon for this to get it for like $5.

Almost did but, ever since the my first Anker product I don’t believe, prolly not true, that nothing else comes close to quality, not even counting Anker’s customer service. Which we all know is amazing.

Click in the link in my first post

Wow that is cool. But still, it’s not Anker, I’ll wait. Lol

Wasn’t this the post :confused: :wink:

While it is disappointing that a lot of dates are being missed recently, they have never been set in stone of 12th Nov 2018 or such, just either a Q1, Q2, Q3 or Nov 2018 etc sort of thing…none of us really know the full extent of what causes delays in the background and most likely never will as it may compromise the very reasons the delays are occurring (design change, legal aspects etc)…

Who was the person?

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We need to take mass production, delivery, and other all sort of potential risks into consideration. So when a new product can be actually released into market is usually unsure. We’re sorry that the delay happened and we will improve and try to get more information delivered to you Anker Fans.