Anker needs batterypack with Qi charging

I searched but didn’t see Anker products with Qi charging ability. I would suggest Anker to make one.
The Qi charging technology is booming now with the iPhone 8 and X. It would be cool to have a portable batterypacks going around with iPhones.


Here are the Anker products with Qi charging:

I have the PowerPort with the big icon over it, works perfectly with my iPhone 8. As for portable batteries with Qi charging, well, seems like a cool idea, but you would have to be in one place to be sure the phone and the battery were on contact all the time. If you are on the move, how would Qi charging on a portable battery work? Assuming you don’t want to attach a battery to the back of your phone permanently like a Mophie battery case.

I meant the portable batterypack not the plugged qi charger.

You need a quick harness mechanism to hold the phone in place. It could be a strap. The Mophie case is designed for a single type of phone hence its usage is limited.

Wireless charging imo is pointless for a batterypack as you will lose more power trying to charge a phone than it does good. Yes there are a few qi battery packs but every review complained about how long it took to charge because people are so use to plug chargers which can charge faster than any wireless can


This is a nice and convenient product, in theory, but I think it is a very niche product at best. There are already probably too many varieties in Anker’s catalog as is, a other SKU is probably not in their best interest IMO.

Newbie here, so forgive any transgressions.

I though about this as an idea a while ago, but…

Wireless charging needs you to keep the phone in contact with the charger. I don’t know the exact physics, but wireless charging isn’t the most efficient method of energy transfer, especially compared to a cable.

If you need to keep the battery pack still and the phone right next to it, wouldn’t a cable make more sense?

I’m a huge fan of the Anker products, but think that a product like this could sour the image of the company. A charger that isn’t very good makes people think the company that made it isn’t very good…

I have 2 phones, with lightning and USB C. It doesn’t make sense when I have to carry 2 cables while the phones can charge wirelessly.

Then this is where innovation comes from… :)) I hope…

I see your point, however I managed to acquire a triple headed Micro USB, USB-C and Lightning cable from a Meraki training course last year - pop that in the bag with my trusty Anker E1 5200 and I’m good to go. It even charges my Windows Tablet on the go!

Anker don’t do the cable unfortunately…

I don’t believe in multiple purpose cables as each cable has its own specifications. If they can cover all specs, it will be expensive. The triplehead is properly a USB 2.0. and not sure if it can fast charge a QC3 phone, I would be cautious on it.

Wireless charging is half the efficiency of wired charging, so for any given phone recharge count you are carrying twice the weight, twice the volume and therefore roughly double the cost, more than a cable instead.

You also must keep the powerbank physically right next to the back of the phone, so if they are bound to doing that might as well cable them together and charge in half the time.

Where wireless makes more sense is when the power is wall socket, that wasted energy is not a physical size+Weight being carried, and you keep it in common places you are like bedside, office desk.

Wireless charging is very convenient, it means in a common location like an office desk you can pick up phone, use it, and put it down an often the hours not using the phone is ample to recharge. When you’re moving though you really need a cable, it is ergonomically easier (E.g. Powerbank in pocket, phone in hand, charging via cable) and lighter smaller and also therefore lower cost.

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Have you ever metered its efficiency?