Anker Nebula Mars II Pro (Projector) Factory Reset.

Hello Everybody

I have been using Nebula Mars II Pro for over a year now and I have been quite satisfied with the performance.

About a month ago my PLEX app crashed, in order to fix it I uninstalled the app to reinstall it again but seems like that was not a good idea, it completely messed my Atoide (app store).

Aptoide didn’t realize what happened and was still thinking that app is still installed and also messed up updates which were due to be installed.

I end up uninstalling the PLEX and the Aptoide …. Now I am left with no source of store to download the apps again. Somehow I realized that there is something called Nebula Manager so that allowed me to download and install the app again which is not the best version of PLEX so I struggling to make it work the right way.

I have been in contact with the support team and I have asked NUMEROUS times if there is a factory reset option and it’s a bit funny that it is not too difficult to say YES or NO but they are avoiding the question all the time, instead they have given me a code to PERMANENTLY upgrade the beta-pro-firmware and now I am stuck with it and still struggling to understand what to do to make it work with my PLEX server.

If anybody knows how to factory reset the device or install the firmware, please let me know.


I don’t think they call it factory reset, but nose around in all the menu options, I think one under settings , maybe the “about” one has a reset like option.