Anker Nebula Mars II Pro chosen as best portable mini projector

Engadget, along with Wirecutter, just published their choice of the best portable projector. Coming on top: the Nebula Mars II Pro!

They touted the Mars II Pro’s easiness to use, bright image and system:

Of all the mini projectors we tested, the Anker Nebula Mars II Pro is the easiest to set up and use, and it delivers a fairly bright, accurate image with solid contrast and detail. The Mars II Pro has a clean interface, a well-designed remote, and an optional iOS/Android control app—all of which let you easily navigate between connected sources and built-in streaming video apps such as for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Its internal speaker is good enough that you shouldn’t need to hook up external speakers for a casual movie night, although you can easily connect speakers directly or through Bluetooth. And if you want to use the Mars II Pro unplugged from the wall, note that its internal battery lasted over three hours in our test.

They also mention the great sound:

On the audio side, the Mars II Pro’s internal speaker system (dual 10-watt speakers) was one of the best we tested.

To be honest, the comparison was between a bunch of AXAA projectors, basically the whole Nebula line, some other lesser known brands, and one LG - the only major brand - which leaves things kind of easy for the Nebula. Still, it’s a reliable source with a strict review process, which speaks greatly about the quality of the Nebula line.

If you want to read my review of the Nebula Mars II - not the pro, though the differences are basically the higher brightness on the Pro - you can check it out here. In a nutshell, if you want a great portable projector and can get around the low-resolution Netflix streaming - or add a streaming stick to it - it’s definitely a great choice!

All photos in this topic are from the original Engadget article.


Congrats Anker!

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Still waiting for 1080p … Maybe Mars III in 2021?

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Love my Mars 2, use it all the time for YouTube and Amazon. It would be nice to have a better photo app to handle slideshows.

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If you ask the Nebula support, they can give you a code to unlock the full Google Play library and access a ton of other apps!

Perfect. They actually bought and tested the products that they compared.

So many larger tech sites nowadays just compare specs and reviews, and then choose a winner. Glad someone did a real comparison.


I wonder why that isn’t standard?

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Me too. I guess it’s something to do with licensing - Android is open-source, but I guess you must pay Google for Google Play access…