Anker Nebula Mars 2 crooked?

I just received my anker Nebula and when testing it out on my wall I noticed that the projection was a little crooked, so I put it on the floor and tested it on my wall and low and behold the image was indeed not straight at the bottom.
If I put the projector on a flat surface at 36cm from a wall the difference from the floor to the underside of the projection differs 4mm from one side to another. Is this normal or something I can fix or are the bottom legs a little off?

Thanks in advance

@theory18 you mention the legs being off, have you tested with a spirit level (your phone may also work well) to see if things are square and level with the device itself?

From what I understand one of the previous firmware releases should have resolved auto keystone issues however you could reach out to to see if they can offer any advice on how to correct the 4mm difference if everything else seems fine.

Hi There,

Thanks for letting us know your problems.

In your case, would you please slightly rotate the device to see if it will be leveled? Also, you could go through settings>projector to turn off auto keystone correction and manually adjust the horizontal keystone correction.

If above doesn’t help, kindly get in touch with us at for further assistance. Thank you!

Anker Support Team

So I had the same problem, sent it back under warranty, only to either receive the same projector, or one with e exact same problem. What the hell?!