Anker Nebula II not able to install Netflix

I am not able to install the netflix or Airplay Receiver on my Nebula Capsule ,

it just flash and after that I can’t see to find a button under the menu

I did try to install it from the files directly under the file manager which also di9dn’t quite work out it say APK parsing error ,

is the software under the Nebula Manager actually need a updated version to get the APK work , lam in hong kong or is it due to the language version of the APK that’s not working

if this still doesn’t work out and I am going to file A refund

Have you tried installing it from Google Play store? Can you confirm if your nebula Capsule II has the Google Play Store unlocked?

if not, You need to reach out to nebula Support who would provide you the code and steps to enable it, after which you should be able to install it from the Google Play store for your region.

I have not tried installing APK directly (Sideloading) and my capsule is already unlocked for Google Play Store.

Netflix does geo-blocking / app access based on your region (unless, you do vpn thing… will not touch that topic here)

Reach out to Nebula Support, explore the options … they respond during weekdays, so earliest you could hear is on Monday.

Best of luck and let us know how it goes

Why don’t they all come unlocked with the play store just out of curiosity

because not all apps are optimized for Nebula projectors, and can have an unpleasant experience, which can result in lot of unhappy users… while Nebula projectors themselves are awesome, these apps tend to make it bad. Nebula store (built-in) has apps mostly optimized for the experience

Google playstore is for advanced users, who know that the app may not be great, interface is not good, need to use the mouse controller.

Goes back… Why Apple has a closed garden… Jailbreak is required for installing outside apps :sunglasses:

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What makes Nebula projectorsnot suitable for apps like Netflix… It’s android TV right? is it the resolution?

There’s a few reasons I can think of. I’ve been hacking Android for years.

Netflix is extremely finnicky, it closely couple with DRM, and is very version specific. You can find a specific APK works but another doesn’t. If you’ve managed to release a platform which works, with a specific NetFlix version, you’d want to prevent auto updating via Play Store.

Android TV is a separate platform, different from Android, is less popular in quantity so less supported.

I tried looking up the specific product, Nebula II does not exist, there’s the Nebula Mars II ? To not be confused with the Nebula Capsule II.

I had the Capsule Max, a different product, and sideloaded and it all worked fine for me, but on other Android like systems, like a Android VM running ontop of Linux, only a specific NetFlix APK version would work. So with the imprecision of the product, the Mars II is Android 7.1, the Capsule II is Android TV.

Basically the fewest issues arise from buying the most popular products which get the most app love. I did try one of the Nebula products, and using this rule I avoided Android TV to avoid the least popular software.

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