Anker Nebula Capsule I - No sound when connected to external speaker


I recently purchased an Anker Nebula Capsule I, everything worked fine until I tried to connect an external speaker. When I connect it via bluetooth, I can get both speakers (capsule’s internal one and the external bluetooth) to work together at the same time? Is there a fix for this?

Also, is it possible to connect two external speakers at the same time? When I try this, only one of them stays connected and the other one is “kicked” off.


Nebula capsule can only pair to one Bluetooth Speaker at a time. And once paired to a speaker, output audio works only on that paired speaker, internal speaker does not work.

Which is the speaker you are pairing with Capsule?

Also if you have Soundcore Speakers such as Icon, Icon Mini, Flare, Flare Mini and many more, three can stereo pair, meaning, 2 speakers of same kind pair each other and one of these speakers can be paired to Capsule, effectively pairing 2 speakers to Capsule.

Try to update your firmware to the latest one, I believe a latest one was release last month.

I suggest you reach out to Nebula Support for the issue you are seeing.

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