Anker Motion plus

Anker Soundcore Motion + purchased in October 2019

Several days ago, the firmware updated to the latest version via iPhone Soundcore application via Bluetooth. Music and connectivity worked well for the rest of the day. The next day, attempting to turn the unit on results in these symptoms:

No bluetooth connectivity
No startup sound
Solid white power button LED
The “whistle” of the normal speaker is audible, indicating power to the woofers
Solid white low LED
AUX input and playback functions normally
The volume buttons successfully change the AUX playback volume
At this point, there is no bluetooth connectivity - None of my devices can see Motion +. Pressing the Soundcore’s center button does nothing, pressing the bluetooth button does nothing and the bluetooth LED remains off. Since there is never a startup sound, I assume that Motion + is not able to complete the startup cycle

Is there a way you can to reset the speaker?

@Alison_arauj I would suggest reaching out to , even though you are outside of your warranty period I would think they will be able to send you instructions on re-flashing the firmware.