Anker Moble Website Sign-in

Anker’s desktop site is excellent. It is easy to navigate, easy to respond to forum posts, and the site experience is just great. However, on the mobile site, I cannot say the same. It is buggy, laggy, and the main issue, at least for me, is that you can’t sign in. When you try to sign in (e.g. for the forum, etc.) on Chrome, Safari, Opera, any browser on iOS or Android, it seems that it asks for the email address, even when you just typed it in. When you try to type in your email address again, you also have to retype your password. The cycle continues.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this just a weird glitch? Saved passwords don’t work either, and this limits my Anker forum usage to desktop/laptop only.

Thanks for your help,


When using Chrome for exampĺe there is an option to save passwords.
You might find these at the adjustments.
Same is when using FF.

Windows exploder (sic):rofl:
I don’t know…

I mainly use anker on my mobile browser and never had any issues signing in.I also recently set my info to auto save so jnce I go the the log in page it automatically logs me in

The other day there was an issue, where every time, it was asking for login multiple times a visit.

It’s been fine the last couple days tho.

I’m using Samsung’s own generic browser, and get it to do automatically do.passwords (with Samsung, you can chose do verify by iris or fingerprint. Hopefully stops others benefitting from your saved passwords).

I generally have less browser issues using Samsung’s browser, than I do using chrome (even tho chrome is usually ok for me on previous handsets).

I almost never have any issues logging via mobile chrome or microsoft edge. I just save this site’s login details (only for this site).

Ah. I haven’t tried Edge yet- maybe that will fix it. If not, oh well. I have tried using Chrome both signed in and signed out, meaning that even without a saved password, it still wouldn’t allow logging in. If it still doesn’t work, I’ll have to try Samsung’s browser on my friend’s new S9+ (P.S. the S9+ is amazing, in case you were wondering).



Never mind everybody, I think I figured it out… For some reason, the sign in kept thinking my password was wrong, even though it wasn’t. I tried resetting my password, and it still didn’t do anything. However, I uninstalled and reinstalled Google Chrome on iOS, and for some reason it works. I am not totally sure why, but at least it works.