Anker Mobile Charger Are Safe


I am looking for mobile car charger to charge the mobile phone and i think that anker mobile car charger are safe for mobile charging and also environmental friendly. I found online that anker mobile charger are the best than other mobile chargers for your car

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Hi, you’re welcome to choose Anker brand, you can also make a review on car charger, so as to contribute to our lovely community.:grin:


@AnkerOfficial not sure you noticed but this is just a blatant link to a site which sells Anker stuff indirectly, therefore will not fall under the Anker warranty.

Did you want to just instead delete this thread?


Lmao! This got me.

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let’s see how fast are TPTB


@AnkerOfficial @ndalby @TechnicallyWell

He eye is a legit Hanker cusstomber and ise lyke very much the Ankker product and please chek thys ouuttt

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Thanks for the heads up @nigelhealy , not had much contact with the site today. Thread locked until @AnkerOfficial can decide on account deletion / punishment