Anker makes CNET's "Best Headphones for Running" article

Many of the other top choices are in the $100-$200 range. Nice going, Anker!


Yeah I can confirm it. I use my slim+ to run. Sadly I just lost my “small black circle” to tie the wire behind my neck.

Congratulations Anker!

No way, me too! I got so fed up with not having that cable thing that I designed my own and 3d-printed it. Sadly, the file was on my bad flash drive, so it is lost forever. :cry:

(On the original slim, same thing though. Also, the small black clip decided to break. Do they sell replacements?)

Always great to hear that Anker is being recognized everywhere. :slight_smile: Congrats Anker.

What a rise over the last 7 years. Half of my electronics and appliances are Anker now.

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I use my new spirit ones in the car because my car only has cd! I was playing audiobooks off my phone speaker, not cool. Pop one of these in and leave the other tucked into my shirt.

I definitely agree with the article. Absolutely great for running! Only wish I got them much sooner!

At the risk of sounding like your mother you really shouldn’t block your hearing even if it’s just one of your ears when you are behind the wheel.

You should pick up one of these (Bluetooth/FM transmitters) They are packed with features like car finder, battery monitor, ect

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can confirm, i use them on treadmills all the time and it is great.