Anker make an Open-Air Headphone (Product Request)

I am a huge fan of Open-Air headphones. Sennheiser 598, Grado SR80i, Sennheiser PX100-ii are some of my absolute favorite. These headphones produce an absolutely stunning sound.
Only drawback is they don’t isolate and you hear everything around you and so does the people around you :slight_smile:

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical I would like to request for an Anker branded Open-Air headphones. They might not satisfy all but for hardcore sound quality enthusiasts it will be awesome to have a quality open-airs at Anker prices…


Is this type not a little bit out “outdated”?

When I use subway I see usual people wearing closed ones, with bluetooth connection.

I use my old styled earphones as well, as I don’t like earplugs.

Its not outdated, its just not for public place wearing. These are audiophile grade headphones which you enjoy alone/indoors away from noise and distraction.
There are enthusiasts who will give arm and leg to have a great quality open-airs.
BTW a closed back headphone can NEVER match the sound quality of Open-airs

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I have never heard of these types of headphones at all. Tried a quick search on Sennheiser 598 but didn’t help

Try this link

In simple terms an open back headphone is where the driver (diaphragm) that reproduces sound is open to outside and can vibrate freely.
I closed back the driver is inside a cup that is only open to your ears.

In open back there is tremendous sound leakage (everyone around you will hear what you hear, just at low volumes). This is not an issue with closed back.
Difference in sound quality though is dramatic. Open back will give you thumping bass with extremely wide soundstage. They sound more natural and clear.

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Sounds interesting, have never used an open back headphone, always wanted my ears to be closed & covered by the headphones, personally use a Bose QuiteComfort and no complaints :slight_smile: Use this only while at home.

Still use the in-ear headphones - Soundcore Spirit X for commutes & office

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Would be pretty expensive!

Not necessary, Grado 60e and 80e are $79 and $99 respectively, Sennheiser 598 lowest price has been $99 and Sennheiser PX100-ii (now discontinued) was around $59 new.
Their more expensive upgrades does go up to a few grand.

Grado handmake them in Brooklyn, NY (made in USA) at those prices and they are one of the best rated ones.

I have been using closed back headphones because I like to enjoy music alone, but listening to the open back headphones you said, it seems to be good, maybe I will try.

MY friends have been telling me about open back headphones. I was going through the thread and realized that I should probably give them a try.