Anker lumos A2 discontinued?

Hi just wondering if the entire product has been discontinued. I did see someone asking about the white version and that was confirmed to be discontinued. It seems so but I just wanted to be absolutely sure about the product in its entirety.


I believe so, however there are still a few other options.

Maybe A3 for a limited time from 3rd party sellers.

Also note that some of these are branded Eufy.

Thanks man I appreciate it. Also thanks for the Eufy tip I’ll look it up

They are Anker’s sister brand.
Also, feel free to ask any additional questions you may have on here!

You’re a life saver my dude. Thanks

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Actually, the Lumos E1 is on sale for $44 right now. I’d love it if you checked out my review!

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Thanks for the heads up. The Eufy A3 is an available. It’s a gift for someone that’s why I looking hard for the this specific one the and the Eufy is pretty much a perfect fit. I’ll throw in a sub to your channel for all this help


@joshuad11 Nice review! Thanks for your answer, you did a good job!:smile:

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Thank you!!!