Anker livestream at 5 cst time November 14th

6 Pm Eastern time

Unsure if this is for the Anker Powerbanks or Anker or both but a livestream on their youtube account today.

I do wonder if it has to do with that Anker box item on top of their latest powerhouse as I have not seen that item before??? Do have a guess but will wait until the stream.

I think this is the youtube link and you can get a better picture of the device on the powerhouse as well.

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Yes there’s an expansion unit coming.

My opinion: pricey! I don’t need one that much at these prices, happy with what I have of a Powercore for small gadgets, a 120Wh UPS and my car as the backup generator for anything longer than a few days. Here outages are rare and if do happen it’s usually a few hours. Anything longer than a day then the problem is not at home, it’s all the infrastructure wider will cause the greatest problem.

I keep freezer outdoors so a power outage in winter isn’t going to do harm unless long, and I already had camping equipment to handle cold, cooking, lighting, equipment which can keep me going for weeks, if came to it. I have enough fuel to boil water and stay warm for months, but expecting my fuel stock to last decades as bad events are rare.

There are plenty who are under-prepared for a winter outage, but I also see vast over-reacting buying, for example, these huge battery products. By all means stock often used items which is a bad situation get consumed faster than normal, but to buy something this big expensive for a rare event is probably going to be a regretted decision.

I am sticking with what I’ve done for last few decades, handle 10 day without water, gas, electricity and all my items can move in a backpack as whatever may disrupt you may not be solvable with an RV.

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What I figured to a point but I also remember a few surveys from my Eufy app that were pretty interesting and was hoping it was that device instead. (Not stating it as I am unsure if that survey had a NDA attached to it or not. lol