Anker Lightning Deal for SoundBuds NB10 on Dec 31th, 27% OFF (US ONLY) - Expired

Valid time: 9:25 a.m. - 1:25 p.m., Dec, 31th PST.

Anker SoundBuds NB10 Bluetooth Earbuds Sweatproof
Regular Price: $39.88
Deal Price: $28.99
27% OFF


good!!! :heart_eyes:

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Anyone have a pair? I would like to know your thoughts on them.

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I recently purchased these acouple days ago. Had I known this I would have waited.

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Is there a coupon code?

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No. The timeframe was listed when it was going to be that price.

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This product was NEVER offered today at this price. I checked many many times during the specified time period. The price was never $28.99. What happened?

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This was two days ago bud

the 31st was last year but not 2 days ago.

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same time zone? when I initially replied, it had expired 1.5hrs ago… I didn’t see the deal myself…and I was going to buy one…but I was busy working and forgot til lunch break.

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How can it be two days ago when it states Dec 31st, bud?

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It was posted two days ago! The December 31 was probably a typo.

just because it was posted two days ago didn’t mean it was on the day of.
Dec 30, '16 12:49 AM was the posted time, why would they post a deal that would only last for ~30min more?

@AnkerOfficial did this deal go live on the 30th?

True, and the, I was just trying to come up with a possible solution, lol. You’re probably right and you have every right to be questioning.

Hi @TerenceManuel @joshuad11 @Helix, the time was correct, but Amazon cancelled our deal due to changes of their rules. Sorry for the inconvenience it caused to you, we will find a solution and there will be more opportunities on our community in the future. Thanks. :slight_smile: