Anker lightning charging coords

So, about a year ago, I got some Anker power cables, 2 3 inch and 1 3 meter, I think, and after a few weeks, 2 broke, and I haven’t been using the third 3 inch one. I haven’t gotten around to getting a warranty on any of them yet, but I have generally had a great time with Anker products and durability, and I was wondering what other peoples experiences have been with these cables.

I have great experiences with their cables. For the most part I only use Anker cables and I gift cables to friends and family these cables as well.

I have a couple of cables that are over 3 years old. I had one braided cable that failed at 13 months. Anker sent me a new one without me even sending the old one back.

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Wow, that’s pretty good! I will get it warrentied as soon as I can!