Anker Lightning Cables Stop Charging on One Side?

I bought a set of 3/6/10ft Powerline lightning cables back in late May of 2018 and they have held up great. But about a year ago my 6ft cord started to act up by only charging on one side and then it stopped charging no matter which side I charged my phone with. It held up for so long while being my primary charger that charged my phone every night at my nightstand. I’ve since moved on (got an Anker wireless charger) but after starting to use my 10ft charger at my desk I’ve noticed it is only charging on one side. To others who have used Anker Lightning cables, what is the cause of this and how should I prevent this?

It might be that the lightning port on your iPhone is dirty. That’s what happened to my wife’s iPhone 11 using the OEM Apple cable. Her phone would only charge if plugged in one way but not if plugged in the other way. Not sure exactly how or why, but that’s how it was for a couple of weeks. I “fixed” it with a toothpick. I scrubbed it pretty good all the way around. Then the cable started working both ways.

I figured it might be the port and not the cable because when I plugged in my iPhone XR with the same cable, the iPhone would charge regardless of which way I plugged in.

Or you might have a defective cable.

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