Anker Lighting Cables

I was wondering what Anker lighting cable is the best I’ve heard great thing about the Powerline+ II. Is it worth buying or is there a better lighting cable?

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Anker offers the best cables!
Or did you expect to get another answer here? :rofl:

I meant as in us there another anker cable that is better then the one I said

the different variations if the lightning cable comes down to personal preference, some prefer heavier more durable cables and others like to keep it close to stock and light weight.

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I think the PowerLine III cable is the latest version of the cable and is slightly thinner and lighter whilst still being strong. As @Tank said, it all comes down to how you’ll be using the cable and if you’re looking for something light, or strong. I have both and have found the Powerline+ II to be strong and reliable over extended use. Unlike original apple cables which failed by the join, the PowerLine II+ hasn’t had any problems (even the version I keep connected to my PowerCore in my bag). The PowerLine III is noticeably thinner, and so far I haven’t had any problems.

In summary the PowerLine+ II is a great robust cable. Unless you’re looking for the lightest possible cable I’d recommend it. If size is everything then check out the PowerLine III.

Hope that helps, and doesn’t confuse you even more.