Anker Life Q30 issues

I just received mine today and am enjoying them a lot!

A few issues I have encountered:

  • With the cable plugged in, I can power on the headphones to use ANC and others modes, but I cannot power them off. Unplugging the cable powers off the headphones.
  • The ANC button seems finicky and occasionally unresponsive with the double-taps. It seems like there’s a specific way of double-tapping to change it.
  • Bluetooth multipoint works fine, but I still need to manually connect to the second device every time. I’m happy that these do have multipoint but I’ve had other headphones that are more seamless and instantly pair to both devices at once.

Find, search and add to best thread from the link above.

There’s plenty of Q30 threads , not sure there’s one exact thread for you but likely a few overlapping you.

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Thank you for this info

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